Volleyball Quick First Step Reaction Drill Combined with Conditioning using Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Volleyball Quick First Step Reaction Drill Combined with Conditioning using Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 10th Jun 2017

The video above is of a Volleyball quick first step functional warm lead by Adam Capodeci of AC Athletics.  In this warm up each volleyball player is wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands lower body resistance bands which attach right above the knees and do not limit or restrict movements.  During this warm up each volleyball player would come up and create her first step move while the others had to follow her or read her first step and beat her to the spot.  This is an awesome way to fire the hips, glutes, thighs and legs while keeping the body and feet stable, balanced and under control.   This volleyball warm up drill is great because it is essential for volleyball players to be able to read a hitter or setter in games in order to get to a spot / area to be ready to defend, pick, or create a big block at the net. This is all about having the right volleyball mindset.

These volleyball players have added resistance with Myosource Kinetic Bands which allows them to maximize their training time by challenging each volleyball player to push through the resistance to fire the muscles in the hips, glutes and legs as well as increase endurance while working Volleyball conditioning and sport specific skills.

Volleyball is a game of power, speed, endurance, strength, mobility, agility, stretch and more.  The volleyball court is not huge like a football field but the moves that volleyball players have to make require moving in all directions with speed and accuracy.  The changes of direction skills that volleyball players must have are excessive.Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great tool for enhancing these directional change skills to move all over the court.

When a volleyball player is performing this first step functional warm up they must use proper technique and form in order to maintain body control and balance as well as prevent injury.  These volleyball players are definitely feeling the burn in each movement and tension in the muscles as they move.  They are working their hips and glutes that allow them to utilize their strength and increase their strength as they train.  Volleyball players with excessively strong and explosive hips and glutes muscles and able to get off the ground and move in all the directions with force.  Take your volleyball quick first step reaction training to the next level to become the volleyball player you always wanted to be.  Start using Myosource Kinetic Bands in all your volleyball training drills.  Use coupon code BLOG15 for a discount on your Myosource Kinetic Bands.

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