Advanced Speed & Agility Training drills with Resistance Acceleration Speed Cord

Advanced Speed & Agility Training drills with Resistance Acceleration Speed Cord

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 23rd Jun 2017

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Are you ready to perform high-level lateral work?  This type of acceleration speed training drills should never be underestimated because it is great for building strength, power, explosiveness, plyometric, speed, force production, stability and more.  High-end athletes do not need "different exercises" or "special exercises" they just need "different progressions". This is because of their heightened proprioception, coordination, strength, and awareness. High-end athletes can adapt more quickly to different stimulants.  All the movements shown in this advanced acceleration speed cord training have multiple regressions and even more progressions.   The application of certain movements and the abilities and needs of each athlete must be taken into consideration when programming.  The Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord is a great addition to your Speed Training Drills.  The athlete in this video is also working to increase his vertical / jump height.  This is a great multi-functional training video. 

Myosource Acceleration Speed cord is an outstanding speed training tool that athletes all over the world are using to increase speed and increase vertical / jump height.  Resistance is a great tool to add to all speed-training workouts to improve acceleration.  This Acceleration Speed Cord starts at 8 ft. and will extend up to 20 feet to enable athletes to perform a large number of speed training and strength training drills.  Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord allows athletes to train in all directions.  No matter what sport an athlete is involved in generally they have to perform change of direction moves and be able to accelerate forward, back, laterally and at a variety of angles.  The speed acceleration training drills in this video are intense and athletes will work at explosive capacity.  Make sure that all athletes maintain balance and great form to receive the ultimate benefits of these progressions.  This advanced speed training workout with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands will help athletes blast past the competition. 

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