Soccer Saturday - Speed and Agility with Resistance Bands / Myosource Kinetic Bands

Soccer Saturday - Speed and Agility with Resistance Bands / Myosource Kinetic Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 13th Feb 2015

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The Kinetic Bands are a great addition to your Soccer speed and agility training. The Kinetic Bands are activating the muscles in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, engaging the core and adding a great cardio endurance benefit. The bands offer a unique opportunity for soccer players to enhance their normal drills and sport specific training by simply adding Myosource Kinetic Bands. This allows the athlete to be mobile and train mimicking on field activity without changing your routine.

Soccer is a sport that requires both sprint speed and lateral quickness. Notice in any soccer game that soccer players have to move in all directions. If a soccer player is unable to move in multiple directions it can be the difference in average and exceptional play. Advanced soccer training requires drills that prepare soccer players to generate sprint speed as well as lateral quickness. This is important for soccer players from beginner to the professional. Lateral soccer speed drills using Myosource Kinetic Bands is a powerful way to develop all the lower body and lower core muscles to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and power. Soccer players use their hip flexors excessively and the bands are great because they challenge the hip flexors with resistance t. When soccer players put on Myosource Kinetic Bands the bands put tension on the muscles to make their drills and sport specific training tougher. This results in causing the muscles to react and contract quicker in each movement to increase lateral and sprint speed.

For more soccer drills and training and for additional information regarding Myosource Kinetic Bands please visit our training at Myosource offers great sport specific training videos, tips, and tools to help you take your overall soccer ability to the next level. Try Myosource Kinetic Bands. You will feel the resistance / tension immediately. 

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