Volleyball Core Strength | Body Weight Suspension Training

Volleyball Core Strength | Body Weight Suspension Training

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 7th Apr 2014

Volleyball players are constantly in motion and need core strength in order to accelerate, decelerate and accelerate again. Core strength is the foundation and stability that allows you to move on the volleyball court laterally, dive for the volleyball, jump quickly for a great block, jump high to hit or any other quick reaction to game time situations. Myosource Kinetic Bands Volleyball Core Strength Body Weight Suspension Training is a great way to maximize your performance by generating more power, increase speed, and improve balance and agility to take your game to the next level.

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Here are a few great Core Strength Body Weight Suspension Training Exercises:

Standing Plank:

1. Grab the handles of your Myosource Body Weight Suspension Trainer with your arms up over head

2. Maintain a flat back

3. If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise then simply walk back

4. The arms are used for balance and stability up over head

5. The key here is to work through your core to force your core muscles do the work

6. Lower your body and raise back up

7. Feel the tension throughout the core – this will develop all the core muscles instead of just a few isolated ones.

Plank Roll:

1. Put your feet in the Body Weight Suspension Trainer handles behind you (move the actual handles to the side for your feet).

2. Raise up to your elbows

3. Slide forward with your body keeping the elbows in the same spot then immediately slide back without moving the elbows

4. This exercise will fire the core muscles

Plank Pike: Remain in the same plank position as in the Plank Roll

1 While keeping your lower body straight, raise up into a V position

2 Hold at the top of the V, pause, and then slowing lower down to a flat position

3 Make sure to really fire all the core muscles the entire exercise

Plank Tuck: Remain in the same plank position as in the Plank Roll

1. Bend your knees raising up and bringing them towards the chest

2. This is really going to fire the core muscles – this exercise requires a lot of stability and balance engaging your entire core during this exercise

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