Cheer Stretching Video with the Myosource Flexibility Stunt Strap

Cheer Stretching Video with the Myosource Flexibility Stunt Strap

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Jul 2013

This is a great video of stretching exercises for cheerleaders. The Myosource Stunt strap is an easy and effective way to help your stretching routine. Our Cheer Pack includes a set of lower body kinetic bands and a “FREE” stunt strap to make stretching easier. We suggest stretching for all Cheerleaders before practice or competition to improve stunts, routines, and to prevent injury.

Flexibility is a key component in cheerleading. The more flexible you are the better your jumps, tumbling runs, routines, and stunts will be. The Myosource Cheer Stunt Strap helps cheerleaders fully stretch and increase flexibility for improved overall performance as well as injury prevention. Stretching should be part of a cheerleader’s daily routine because this will improve your flexibility. Stretching comes right after a light warm-up.  Make sure to hold those stretching positions then pull just a little bit farther to feel that stretch.

One area of importance for cheerleaders is the splits. The splits are part of jumps, drills, kicks, dances, routines, etc. therefore it is vitally important for cheerleaders to be very flexible in the quadriceps and hamstrings. Stretching with a Myosource Cheer Stunt Strap is a great way to thoroughly stretch and prevent sliding. Cheerleaders hold onto the strap instead of their legs. Lay on the ground and put the stunt strap around one of your feet and pull that foot and leg up towards your head.  Increasing flexibility will increase your overall cheer performance.

Stunts and jumps require the leg muscles, especially the hamstrings to be flexible. The Myosource Stunt Strap will help you stretch those hamstrings, which need to be flexible for lifting. Notice in the video that Ashley is laying down and stretching her leg up over her head keeping her hips down on the ground to really stretch the hamstrings and thighs. This is also stretching the muscles in the hips and glutes. Heel stretches; pikes, bow and arrow, and other cheerleading stunts, which require one or both legs to be lifted towards the head, require lower body flexibility and strength. The leg stretching exercises that Ashley performs in the video can also be performed while wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands to build the muscles so they are strong, more powerful, and explosive.

The inner thighs are another area that cheerleaders must work on to increase flexibility. Straddles and leg lift stunts pull on the inner thighs. When Ashley uses the Myosource Stunt Strap to pull her leg out and up over her head she can feel the stretch in her inner thighs. The goal is to do these stretches on a regular basis so that in a short period of time great gains will be made in flexibility. The Myosource Stunt Strap makes it much easier to hold on to your foot and leg because your hands grip the strap firmly. Walking the hands up the strap pulls the foot up higher. Pull up on the strap until you can feel the stretch throughout the entire leg then slightly farther and hold the position.

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