Hip Flexor Strength & Mobility Exercises - Increase Flexibility for Track Athletes Using Kinetic Bands®

Hip Flexor Strength & Mobility Exercises - Increase Flexibility for Track Athletes Using Kinetic Bands®

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 16th Oct 2017

Daymond Patterson, trainer and owner of Raw Power Sports utilizes the Kinetic Bands® to demonstrate a few exercises that activate the glutes and hip flexors for track athletes. These exercises are some of his foundation moves to engage the glutes and build strength in the hips. Athletes should strive to achieve their potential by strengthening the muscles in the lower body for explosive acceleration.

Hip mobility is essential for athletes to execute proper sprint form. Tight hip flexors can limit athletic performance and  restrict the hips from fully extending which decreases the power of each stride. There is an endless amount of articles on how to properly strengthen and stretch the glutes, quads, hamstrings, etc. The hip flexor muscles are often neglected and what most don't realize is that these muscles are the backbone of every movement we make. 

Impeccable footwork and body control is essential for athletes in all sports. If footwork and body control are not a priority track athletes will lose speed. The idea is to increase and enhance speed and this takes strong and explosive hip flexors. The hip flexor exercises in this video will help track athletes develop a higher level of smooth quick steps.  The resistance of bands is forcing the legs, hips, and lower core to work against the resistance, which in return helps the athlete develop muscle strength and power. These exercises are strengthening the hip flexors and adding flexibility for stronger and lengthened strides. 

An athlete that does not have flexible hip flexors will be at a disadvantage. Strong hip flexors will help an athlete increase stability in their hips and hip flexors are one of the most important stabilizing agents. It is essential for athletes to monitor their balance and body form while performing these exercises. Athletes must make sure to stretch and engage in a thorough warm-up prior to working at full range of motion. This stretching and warm-up is key in preventing injury. 

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